The primary purpose of this blog is to share my experiences. There are some fuzzy FTC rules out there that suggest I need to disclose if there are hidden interests and unspoken biases on this site. For example, if I interview someone and they buy me lunch I would need to indicate this. The same is true for an affiliate link or partner links. If I receive a product in the mail to review, I must disclose that too. I generally disclose this information in the post anyway, however in order to cover my ass, please assume that for every recommendation, link and product I use, recommend or suggest, the following all hold true:

  • I received some sort of compensation, meal, gadget, swag, or other incentive;
  • I personally engaged with the member of the story in a, shall we say, intimate way.

I want to explicitly point out that I do not recommend anything I do not think is useful or helpful. I vilify businesses that have failed in some way and laud those that have have succeeded. If someone gives me something and asks for a review, I state that.

Partner links are provided when I believe there is something beneficial or valuable offered. Generally, I receive a link back to my site when I link to a partner site. This is good because I get more exposure and you get valuable information.

Affiliate links are identified as such. If you click the affiliate link for a product you decide to buy, the link does not increase your costs (and may very well save you money) but it does pay me a small commission. This is a win-win situation—you get a great product and I get a little money.

Finally, it is worth noting that you should perform a bit of due diligence of your own and research before buying a product or assuming everything I say is correct. I have morals and am as forthcoming as possible, but I make mistakes, have biases and and am speaking about products and businesses from my personal perspective. Take that into consideration when making a decision.

There you have it. If you have any questions or are curious about something on this site, I am more than happy to discuss that with you. Use my contact form to reach out to me.