Traveling to Hong Kong for work has been very interesting. Hong Kong is cosmopolitan with a mix of people from all over the world. Everywhere you go you see people from mainland China, the UK and the surround Asian region. Everything is bustling and moving quickly, and the people will tell you that in Hong Kong time is money. Business is done efficiently but with always with a smile.

I am staying at the W Hotel which costs more per a night than my apartment in Chiang Mai will cost for a month. Of course, the W is a great hotel and everything is wonderfully appointed. There is very little more I could ask for. I have an amazing view of the harbor from my room on the 20th floor, the bed is absolutely fantastic and the bathroom is amazing (I took a nice long bath last night). A comfortable room certainly makes business travel much easier, especially when you are in meetings all day and dealing with a 15 hour time difference.

Everyone you go in Hong Kong there are spectacular views. My client’s building has a truly amazing view from their offices on the 57th floor. We have a full view on Hong Kong that is breathtaking. The entire area is covered in massive skyscrapers in every direction. I was told that one area covered in literally hundreds of tall buildings had nothing on it 5 years ago. Amazing.

When you are not admiring the views, you are eating. My client took me out to lunch yesterday and it was truly amazing. The restaurant specializes in Shanghai cuisine. I let her choose the dishes and when she found out I liked spicy food she was excited for me to try a fish dish. I wish I could remember the name. The dish was a white fish in a spicy sauce with clear noodles. The spicy sauce is so hot that it actually makes your tongue go numb and tingle.

I also tried this dumpling-like dish that was made with a very delicate casing that held some juices and meet inside. Apparently this is considered to be a favorite in Hong Kong. It was so challenging to pick up without ruining it (because it is so delicate) that my host graciously helped. My chopstick prowess was lacking for this dish. Of course, they were correct. This was a little dumpling from heaven. I was tempted to eat the entire plate of them myself.

I still have several days to go before I leave. I haven’t even been to the tallest bar in world yet (118 stories up in the ICC building) or to the Peak. Nor have I enjoyed all of the culinary offers (though I have been trying). Nonetheless, I can easily say that if you enjoy cities and food, Hong Kong is the place to be.

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