I have always wanted to see the Nazca Lines in Peru. Stepping onto the tarmac, I saw a man wearing dark sunglasses being lead down some steps. “He’s the pilot, right?” I said. My friend and the other two people we were flying with were a little surprised when they heard, “Yes.” Then the pilot and co-pilot burst out laughing. They were really good pilots though, and made sure we had a chance to see the lines, especially given that the Nazca Lines are not as big as you might imagine. Often it took a moment to find the particular lines even though we were flying at 2500 feet. The landscape is barren and there are literally thousands of lines going in all directions, criss-crossing each other. Taking photos was difficult—the plane was bouncing around in the updrafts from the heat, it was cramped making it difficult to maneuver a large DSLR camera and lens without hitting another person or something inside of the plane, glare off the windows was bad, and contrast was practically non-existent in the arid landscape. But I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and managed to see most of the main lines.

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