Last weekend I wanted to go for a hike to Monte Christo, an old mining township that is now a ghost town. Getting there is easy. Just follow the scenic Mountain Loop Highway until Barlow Pass and then hike the Monte Christo Trail. The hike it pretty easy—mostly a flat old gravel road that eventually turns into a gravel path that follows the South Fork of the Sauk River and then into a dirt path that leads to the ghost town.

Since my friend and I were taking two Havanese puppies with us, we thought this would be easy enough. Alas, little fluffy lapdogs do not do well on hikes, regardless of how flat they are. We only made it halfway there before the puppies (and my friend) were worn out. We had to carry the puppies back, but at least I got some nice photos. I was pleasantly surprised by the butterfly and bee shots because I was using my 24-70mm lens, and not my macro. But they turned out great.

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