I know, no one wants to see pictures of someone’s kid or pets, but these two are just so dang cute. My good friend and I decided to get a couple of dogs a few months back. They are really his dogs, though I do kind of consider them mine a little bit too. After all, I named them! Mildred and Galileo are brother and sister. They are Havanese, a relatively rare breed. All of the dogs in the US are descendants of 11 dogs from Cubans fleeing the Cuban Revolution. They guys are chocolate, which is not a common color in Havanese (Mildred is the darker of the two, and Galileo is slightly brindled). Havanese are in the Bichon family and descendants of a now extinct Blanquito (meaning, “little white” dog). Like Poodles they do not shed. We keep their coats natural, so there is a lot of effort in grooming the curly, long hair. It’s worth it though, since they are so unique looking. What makes Havanese such a wonderful breed is that they are really smart, have great personalities, and they have a cute bouncy walk because their front legs are shorter than their back legs. If you are interested in getting a Havanese, we know a great “breeder”—I use quotes because she doesn’t do much breeding really (though the dad, Truffles, is a championship winner). Keep in mind that Havanese are a very expensive dog (these guys were $1000 each and we got them at half price), but worth every penny. You can follow these guys on Facebook here.

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