When I was visiting Melbourne, I did two tours to the Great Ocean Road and Phillip Island. Unfortunately, Melbourne was raining on the days that I planned to go around and do sightseeing in the city. I did not get any decent pictures of the city, though I can say that it is a really nice and beautiful city that seems to be growing in leaps and bounds. I really enjoyed both tours, but they were long and it was a bit much to do both of them back to back. My first group for the Great Ocean Road was okay and the sights were awesome. My second group for Phillips Island was great—I met some really cool people and the tour guide was great—though the tour itself was long and seemed to just be filler until it was time to see the main reason for the Phillip Island tour—penguins. Alas, you are not allowed to take photos of the penguins and it is dark so they are difficult to see (you still see them, and they are cute). After doing these tours, my recommendation would be to rent a car and do it yourself, taking your time to stop where you want and see what you want to see. I think that would be more cost effective and more enjoyable. Still, I got to see beautiful scenery and cool animals.

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