On the way to Chiang Mai I was able to stop over in Taipei for a week to visit one of my good friends. Taipei is a bustling city of nearly 3 million people. The MRT, buses and a series of trains service this massive city making it remarking easy to get around.

And get around I did!

Taipei is actually quite large when you include New Taipei City, the surrounding area that we would call the suburbs. Their suburbs are far more interesting than those in the US. They have amazing rock formations at Yehliu, winding alleys in the old town of Jioufen, and stunningly beautiful scenery at Shifen. Of course, Taipei City itself is not missing anything with the its treasure trove of Chinese art at the National Palace Museum, stunning architecture of the Chang-kai Shek Memorial Hall, glittering Taoist temples like Longshan, wonderfully bizarre food at the Snake Night Market, and the views of it all from Taipei 101.

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