Yala National Park is the most famous national park in Sri Lanka. Located in the Southeast corner, it isn’t necessarily the easiest to get to, but the wildlife is worth the effor. I saw pretty much everything you could see with the one major exception of leopards. Yala is sort of famous for leopards, however none of them were out when I was there. In fact, I was surprised any animals were out. The number of jeeps was really high and they can get a bit aggressive in trying to find animals for you to see. I paid 6500Rs (about $50) for a half day safari. There is a shorter version of the half day safari for a little less and a full day day safari for a lot more. I cannot imagine doing the full day safari. That was more than enough time. Perhaps I would have seen leopards if I did a full day tour, but I was totally exhausted and covered in a thick layer of dust by the end of my half day safari. It started at 5am from my hotel and I was back at 12:30pm.