On the way back to Bangkok from Songkran in Chiang Mai we decided to take a little detour to Phetchabun and see Wat Pha Sorn Kaew. Phetchabun is not visited very often by foreigners since it is off the normal tourist trail. Phetchabun is in the “mountains” of Thailand, so it is relatively cool and has a much different feel than other regions. Because of the lack of tourists, Petchabun retains its local feel. You basically need your own transportation to visit. Fortunately, I have a car in Thailand so it is not a problem. Wat Pha Sorn Kaew is one of my favorite temples in Thailand. It has the feel of Goudy with its colorful and eclectic glass and porcelain tiles. In the later part of the year the stairs to the temple are lined with trees covered in bright yellow blooms. The gardens are quite nice for a stroll. Some parts of the temple are still under construction, but there has been a lot of progress since my last visit.

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