Sun in Sihanoukville, Cambodia

I knew Cambodia had beaches, but I hadn’t really heard much about them or how beautiful and relaxing they were. The bus ride to┬áSihanoukville from Seam Reap was daunting at nearly 13 hours over dirt roads and paved roads that were not much better. When we finally made it we were faced with aggressive tuk …

Angkor in Photos

The Angkor complex is one of my favorite places. The temples and structures are truly amazing. There is little I could say to do them justice, so I will simply post some photos I took. I literally took over 1000 images over a three day period of touring the complex. This was my second visit …

Weekly Photo: Deer Cave, Borneo

Deer Cave is absolutely massive. Marketing folks at the Mulu tourism board like to say you could put an entire fleet of 747s inside the cave, and it’s true! If you look closely, you can see two people staring at the bat poo on the boardwalk near the bottom of the beam of light (there …

Time on the Tonle Sap

The Tonle Sap is a giant lake in Cambodia that increases and decreases in size based on the rains. During certain times of the year it even connects with the Mekong River. Our guide suggested I visit a small floating village on the lake called Kompong Phluk. This floating village is actually much less touristy …

Daily Photo: Otres Beach Sunset, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Otres Beach is one of the seven beaches around Sihanoukville in Cambodia. The sunsets are breathtaking. I snapped this photo on my friend’s camera when I just couldn’t stand it anymore and had to capture the beauty.

Daily Photo: Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janiero, Brazil

The day before this photo was taken I was on the beach reveling in New Years celebrations with literally millions of people. Amazingly, the beach was completely cleaned as if nothing had happened the night before. There were far fewer people than usually, but it was still a classic Rio scene.

Daily Photo: Workshop, Antigua, Guatemala

Walking around Antingua in Guatemala, I saw this workshop. It was the height of the day but the colors still came through in the photo and it was really cool to peak inside. Unfortunately, everyone was resting since it was so hot so I didn’t get to see them doing anything.